Grand Egyptian Museum – Grand Arena

Cairo, Egypt


Cairo, Egypt


Acoustic Design Consulting


Museum, Arts and Culture

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a global landmark that has been in the making for the better part of the past two decades.

It has brought together some of the most notable local and international players in a vast array of fields to culminate in a most unique, first-of-its-kind cultural complex.

The Grand Egyptian Museum celebrates Egypt from its most prized collection of ancient artefacts, through to its developing vision for a better future. The complex is now extending with the forthcoming Outdoor Events Arena, which will serve as a multi-function events space, and the Theatre, which will serve as a screening room and presentation stage.

Platform 78 designed an acoustic package, guidelines for building services and noise vibrations, and provided design guidance and recommendations along with a design report to guide the local team and contractor ensuring the design intent are closely followed and achieved.