Northern Link Road



Between Bahrain Bay and Second Causeway to Saudi


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Prime Minister’s Office – Bahrain


Dar Al Handasah


Roads and Infrastructure, Utilities, Government

The government of Bahrain intends to augment existing road networks and develop new road corridors to support the rapidly expanding economy of the Kingdom.

Bahrain Northern Link Road is spread between Bahrain bay and the planned Second Causeway to Saudi. It will provide transportation and infrastructure corridors to planned strategic housing and investment projects along the Northern periphery of the Kingdom. The project is comprised of the construction of the Main Link, Supporting Road Links, and Local Access Roads.

The government of Bahrain is planning to implement the project through a Public Private Partnership format to encourage private sector participation in the infrastructure development, operation and maintenance thereby creating new job opportunities for the local citizens.

Currently, Dar Al Handasah are conducting technical feasibility studies.