Tubli STP Expansion

Tubli, Bahrain


Tubli, Bahrain


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Prime Minister’s Office – Bahrain


Utilities, Government

In recent years, the Tubli STP has been overloaded with sewage resulting in hydraulic and biological treatment overload.

The government has started working on upgrading the Tubli STP unit, using the ‘HYBACS’ technique, to improve the quality of water and the the excess flow of 100,000 meters cubed per day.

The project deployed proprietary SMARTTM reactor units that stimulate a special and specific bacterial pattern with high biological activity that has the ability to deal with different levels of organic materials.

The objective of the enhancement is to upgrade the capacity from 200,000 meters cubed per day to 300,000 meters cubed per day and is to significantly improve the quality of water discarded in Tubli Bay.