The Merwedekanaal Project

Utrecht, Netherlands


Utrecht, Netherlands





The Merwedekanaal Project regards a 24 hectare area located in the city of Utrecht.

The project comprises of the redevelopment of the old inaccessible industrial area to a new car-free neighborhood of around five thousand new homes complementing some already existing housing developments.

Creating aesthetically unique and user centric versatile environment without compromising quality of outdoor and indoor living, on top of an existing development is a complex problem that is influenced by a long list of qualitative and quantitative parameters.

Starting from an urban scale level and elaborating on the detailed design of each building block, its relation and effect to adjacent developments along with its relation with the street level and the qualities that the designers are after requires them to understand ,in-depth, multiple design parameters and the influence of each parameter into their final product in order to properly integrate them into their design process. It also requires from the designers to be able to assess their design options and improve them gradually to achieve an optimum outcome.